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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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sub-category : Mountaineering
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Fell in love with Tumble Lake, Oregon’s Cascade Range age 11. Hiked maybe 85 times over lifetime. As teenager could hardly wait for snow to melt for first trip of year. One spring, high school, drove hour to check trailhead to see if open. Nope. Hit snow mile away. Determined to see lake. Headed off through snow in light shirt, slacks, and slip-on loafer shoes. Can’t regulate stupid. Struggled through crusted drifts, jumped rocks, crunched through brush to overlook ridge. Caught glimpse of lake as dark clouds closed in over canyon. Decided to take shortcut back but hit drop off about 15 feet. Too cold to turn around so leaped into snow drifts…sunk to chest. Struggling to get out when heard train in distance. No trains up in those mountains!!!! Looked up. Rocks and trees moving past me, going faster. Ohcrud! In avalanche of my making. Saw snow roaring off over cliff. Thought I was dead. Top of tree coming directly at me high rate of speed. Grabbed and held with all strength. Snow field ripped pants, shoes, socks off me then passed on blasting cloud of snow over cliff. Still alive. Had to climb down bent tree about ten feet to nearly bare ground. Found what I could and hobbled barefoot back to car nearly frostbitten. Ran for Prince of Stupid next election.
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